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The Realities of Student Realty


Did you know that popular places to live such as the Lodge or the Oaks did not sell out until the spring semester of last year, and some never even sold out?  Click here for more info.

Did you know the University provides resources free of charge such as lease-reviews for students who want to make sure their making a smart decision? Click here for more info.

Did you know that most leases are “joint and severally liable” which means that if you do not get every parent of the leases to sign a release, you could be liable for your roommate not paying their rent?
Click here for more info.


SGA Apartment Signing Checklist

  • Can You Live There?

    Per University policy, students that are in their first two years out of high school are required to live in university residence halls. Some exemptions are made if you are married, have kids, plan to live with a parent, or are a member of a Greek letter organization that is in good standing with the University. The housing exemption process and information is available at

  • Can You Pay For It?

    Housing is often one of the most expensive bills that you will incur while attending college. You should consult with the Financial Aid Office to discuss methods on how you could pay for this financial investment at

  • Can EVERYONE ELSE Live There and Pay For It?

    Know that everyone who signs the lease will be going through the same process as you. Regardless of whether or not you are eligible, they might not be! If you are not sure if they are eligible yet, get everyone to sign a parent’s guarantee form or wait to sign!

  • Have You Seen It?

    All realty companies will allow you to tour any constructed apartment if you ask. Sign up with your potential leaser to go see what you’re signing for.

  • Do You Have All of The Documents Ready?

    Most realty companies will require you to have a security deposit, non-refundable service fee, an identification card or license, and 50% of your roommates to sign. Be sure to have all of that in order before going in!

REMEMBER: You always have time to wait and get these things in order!



Want Some Resources?

The University offers plenty of resources to help you through this very important decision.

Here are a couple links to resources available to you!


The Student’s Attorney, Ed McKibbin, offers leases reviews free of charge to any students who are looking to sign for an apartment. His office is located in the Student Services Building in Room 387. You can schedule an appointment by visiting his office, calling (309) 438-2008 or emailing


Off-Campus 101 Informational Sessions are sessions provided to students to help them understand the various facets of off-campus living. A schedule for these sessions can be found here .

A directory or all of the available off-campus housing can be found here


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