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Student Government is encouraging the student participation in the governing process by asking for the submission of ideas, events, reforms, and proposals from students as a way to give constituents a direct voice in Student Government!

To accomplish this, SGA is sponsoring “STATE your idea” to let you submit your ideas and make them a reality! Students can offer up ideas or proposals to Student Government. We’ll use SGA’s resources and time to meet with necessary administrators, and we even invite you to join us along the way in the process if you’d like.

With every idea submitted, we make three promises:

  • Your idea will be read and considered. We’ll even meet with you in person to discuss your idea in detail if you’d like.
  • We’ll read and discuss at least one student offered idea at every single Executive Meeting
  • No idea submitted will go unheard

We want to make sure that you as a student have a voice to make the changes you want to see at ISU. In order to submit your suggestion, please click on the 'Suggestion Box' below. 


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