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Student Leaders


The Student Government Association (SGA) at Illinois State University is comprised of a legislative and executive branch of government. Student Government Association is recognized as the official governing body of students at Illinois State as recognized by University President Larry Dietz. SGA holds twenty-one voting seats on the Academic Senate granting SGA a degree of influence that is very rare in higher education.

The legislative branch of SGA is called the Student Senate. It is composed of twenty Senators elected from their constituent groups. The Senators elect their own President of the Assembly, Vice President of the Assembly, and Secretary of the Assembly. These three officers serve on the Association's Executive Committee and insure the functioning of the legislative branch.

The executive branch is headed by the President of the Student Body, the Vice President of the Student Body, and the Student Body Chief of Staff. The executive branch is elected as a ticket by the entire student body of Illinois State. These officers are supported by seven cabinet members who are responsible for specialized areas.

The three executive and three legislative officers comprise the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for setting meeting agendas and managing the daily operations of the overall student government, as well as insuring collaboration between the executive and legislative branches.

SGA conducts Assembly meetings every other Wednesday during the academic year. These meetings bring together the executive, legislative, and ex-officio members of the SGA (supported by an Advisor) to discuss the business of the SGA. All Assembly meetings are open to the public.

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