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External Committees

When the Student Government Association believes that an issue affecting students merits special attention by the Association, external committees may be formed. External committees include SGA representation as well as representations from identified stakeholders and students at large.

External Committee for Campus Safety

The safety and well-being of students is Student Government’s highest priority. The Campus Safety Committee was created by the Student Government Association as a way for students to voice concerns regarding their feeling of security, or lack thereof, to administrators and Student Government leaders. The goal of the committee is to evaluate current safety protocols from a student perspective and to offer solutions, increase awareness of current programs, and to gather feedback on student safety issues, such as campus lighting.

External Committee for Diversity

The Student Government Association recognizes that the entire campus community benefits from a diverse student body with broad cultural experiences. The Diversity Committee was created by Student Government to advocate on issues related to social justice and diversity to the administration. Responsibilities of the committee include awareness, education, and identifying possible diversity related issues and providing solutions. The committee strives to build a coalition of student groups to ensure the voices of all communities are heard to administrators and Student Government leaders.

External Committee for Sustainability

Students have become increasingly concerned about sustainability on campus, and in response the Student Government Association created the Sustainability Committee to educate students on environmental stewardship and encourage sustainable lifestyles. By passage of a student referendum in 2010, the committee is tasked each year to distribute funds to projects submitted by students and faculty that help reduce ISU’s carbon foot print.

External Committee for Student Judiciary Affairs

The Committee for Student Judiciary Affairs was convened in response to an increased desire for Student Government involvement within judicial proceedings. The committee is tasked with educating Redbirds on their “Redbird Rights”, advocating for fair and just student judicial proceedings, continuous review of policy pertinent to the role of the committee, avocation for student rights in the towns of Bloomington and Normal, and data collection in regards to student’s experiences within judicial proceedings on-campus and off-campus.

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