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Student Government Association

Student Government Association is recognized as the official governing body of students at Illinois State University, comprised of the Executive and Legislative Branch.

About Student Government Association

We work to ensure student voices are heard and student interests are met. We advocate for students by helping to shape University policy and working with University administrators. Student Government is proud to represent and serve its fellow students.

  • Vision

    The Student Government Association (SGA) at Illinois State University is a recognizable and engaged governing body that enhances each student’s daily Redbird experience by improving conditions that lead to personal success and preserving student rights.

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  • Executive Branch

    The Executive Branch of the Student Government Association is comprised of three executive officers, elected as a ticket by the student body, as well as eight cabinet officers (secretaries) who are responsible for specific areas of special interest.

    Learn more about the Executive Branch

  • Committees

    The Student Government Association has four internal legislative committees with the purpose of handling internal SGA business.

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  • Legislative Branch

    The legislative branch of the Student Government Association includes senators elected either by constituent group or by the student body at large. The legislative branch is led by senators internally elected to serve as legislative assembly officers.

    Learn more about the Legislative Branch

  • SGA Organization Chart

    An overview of all members that comprise the Student Government Association.

    Learn more about the SGA Org. Chart

  • Ex-Officio's

    The Ex-Officio group of the Student Government Association is comprised of elected members from select RSO's on campus.

    Learn more about Ex-Officio's

Come visit us at our office located in Student Services Building, Room 375!

SGA Celebrates 100th Anniversary

This is the 100th year that SGA has been serving the student body. Students and alumni gathered to commemorate this significant milestone.

Students holding SGA signs
SGA alumni posing together
SGA alumni talking during the 100 years event
SGA alumni hugging
Alumni holding a SGA sign
SGA alumni posing with his family
SGA students and alumni posing.

SGA Upcoming Events

General Assembly Meetings

2023–2024 Student Government Association meetings are held in the Old Main room in the Bone Student Center every other Wednesday at 7pm. The public is welcome to attend meetings, which are also streamed live on YouTube.

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