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Student Government Association (SGA) is the official governing body for students at Illinois State University, and serves as an important component of the shared governance process at Illinois State University. In addition to conducting twice a month meetings of the SGA Assembly, SGA holds twenty-one voting seats on the Academic Senate, the top advisory board to advise the President of Illinois State University regarding education policy.

SGA is divided into two groups: the Executive branch and the Legislative branch.
The Executive Branch is comprised of three officers:

  • Student Body President
  • Student Body Vice President
  • Chief of Staff

They are supported by seven Cabinet members, or Secretaries.

The Legislative Branch is known as the Senate, and is comprised of twenty Senators who elect their own leadership (President of the Assembly, Vice President, Secretary). The officers of each group, along with the SGA advisor, make up the SGA Executive Committee.

 Chart of the Executive Branch structure



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