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SGA Goals for Academic Year 2014-2015


  1. SGA will establish a comprehensive marketing plan for establishing its identity.
  2. SGA will make more effective use of the Office on the Quad Program through the improvement of staff member skills to engage students in conversations.
  3. SGA will maintain a consistent physical and online presence in order to collect constituent feedback.
  4. SGA Senator groups will carry out monthly constituent contact events.

School Spirit

  1. SGA will enhance programs and services designed to assist students with the issue of college affordability.
  2. SGA will support the development and growth of student organizations to maximize student involvement.
  3. SGA will work to create an open and inclusive environment that promotes the acceptance and appreciation of differences.
  4. SGA will collaborate with University and community partners to increase student awareness of safety issues and to address specific safety concerns.
  5. SGA will work to increase student awareness of sustainability issues, improve the overall campus environment, and to engage in sustainable practices.
  6. SGA will strive to improve the campus environment and enhance the overall Redbird experience through the sponsorship and participation in activities and events that promote campus unity.
  7. SGA will assess the needs of students and design and implement programs and services to respond to changing student needs.


  1. SGA will actively engage in conversations within the Academic Senate and its committees to affect policies and procedures that impact the student experience.
  2. SGA will work collaboratively with University administration to advocate for student needs.
  3. SGA will establish relationships with community partners in order to more effectively advocate on behalf of students.
  4. SGA will work with campus and community partners to promote student civic engagement and voter education.
  5. SGA will advocate for students with respect to local, state, and federal policies that affect the student pursuit of an education.
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